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Art History & Studio Instructor
Ottawa School of Art (Ontario), Fine Arts Diploma Program, January 2018 – present.

- NEC Odobleja Fellow, New Europe College, Bucharest, 2017
- Ph.D. (Visual Arts) Concordia University, Canada, 2015
- MFA University of Windsor, Canada, 2010
- BFA George Enescu University, Romania, 2003

Artistic Vision
We live in a world where images constantly flood our landscape: appearing and disappearing so quickly that they appear to have no meaning or substance. As an artist, Adrian Gor is on a mission to make us stop and really see the themes that define modern life – using ancient icons as the gateway to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

As a young man, Gor learned the secrets of painting Byzantine icons on wood panels from monks in his native Romania. He was deeply affected by how people found meaning and solace in the stylized images of Christ and the Saints and wondered if the modern world had images that defined our view of the world in the same way.

He turned his gaze away from the past and the Church and traditional iconic imagery, and found there was a new religion defining our lives. Gor's search led him to cartoons and comics, shopping malls and consumer culture. Instead of finding new saints and angels, he discovered that our heroes are cartoon characters fighting for supremacy. Instead of scenes of heaven and redemption, he started painting apocalyptic images of a cast that included Mickey Mouse and Wonder Woman and reflected scenes of violence and greed.

By turns shocking, amusing and insightful, Gor's iconography offers a searing commentary on modern life and the gods we have chosen to worship in the 21st century.

May 2018